Chartered Accountants

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The Firm has been instrumental for the incorporation and registration of a large number of public and private limited companies, firms, trust and other corporate bodies. The services include, interalia, the following:

  • Regulatory compliance for public floatation of shares and securities and public offering of securities.

  • Regulatory compliance after floatation of shares and securities of listed companies.

  • Providing secretarial and corporate services including filing of statutory returns, convening meetings of the board of directors/share holders and drafting of the minutes of such meetings.

  • Representation before corporate and regulatory agencies including the Registrar Joint Stock Companies, Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan, Monopoly Control Authority etc.

  • Counseling and facilitation for corporate finance, project financing, lease financing etc.

  • Liquidation - compliance and execution.

  • Documentation for partnerships.

  • Preparation of other legal documents required by clients.


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