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We are currently handling Statutory audit of public listed companies, public unlisted limited companies, private limited companies and various other organizations. The audit services include financial statements audit, information risk management and management assurance services .The firm acts as auditors to numerous prestigious organizations in Pakistan, a list of  which can be provided on request. The firm is also helping various clients in their internal audit function either through co-sourcing or complete outsourcing of entire internal audit function.

qWe carry out our audit in accordance with the International Standards on Auditing. qFollowing is the list of  services provided in this area:

  • Statutory audit of public listed companies, public limited company and private limited companies.

  • Review of compliance with best practices of Code of Corporate Governance.

  • Internal audits.

  • Due diligence reviews.

  • Management audit.

  • Training of accounting and internal audits personnel.

  • Regulatory compliance reviews.

  • Control reviews.

  • Proprietary audit.

  • Corporate investigation.

  • Share transfer audit.

  • Review and compilation assignments.

  • Cost allocation studies.

  • Compilation, review and validation of prospective financial statement and information.

  • Review of business plans and projections.

  • Opinion and counseling on accounting matters and related legal issues and accounting standards

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